From nothing to a video under 2 seconds
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Mikhail is a software engineer at Google, for the last 3 years he has been part of the YouTube Desktop Team working on performance and latency. Mikhail is a huge advocate of the Polymer web framework and the engineer behind WebP at YouTube and YouTube on Cardboard.
Prior to Google, Mikhail worked as software engineer at Apartama and earned his master’s degree from MIIT, Moscow.


What does it take to achieve sub two seconds video playback latency on the 3rd largest website in the world?
We will peek under the hood of the Watch page and explore what common problems are being solved by YouTube's Desktop team and what interesting solutions had to be implemented to achieve this goal.
We will discuss how page loads are classified and what specific treatment is required for every type, what tools and technologies are used in the stack, how being one of the largest image serving websites affects our approach to thumbnails and how we maintain and monitor our latency goals.

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Производительность фронтенда

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