Database Performance at Базы данных и системы хранения

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Jose Cores Finotto

Staff Engineer at Gitlab for the Infrastructure department, leading efforts for the implementations of solutions and integrations between all the Gitlab infrastructure ecosystem, mainly in projects principally focused on the database aspect. With more than 18 years of experience in management, development and database administration, Jose is really interested in automation, and improvement of processes. Our actual goals are to move the administration of relational databases to the next level (auto failovers, automatic tuning suggestions...).

Николай Самохвалов

Основатель и #RuPostgres.
Twitter: @postgresmen
Тезисы has an aggressive SLA, that made us research and development for solutions to improve our performance in all the directions, on one of the most important components in our architecture, the PostgreSQL relational database.
During this talk, we would like to invite you to explore the details about how we improve the performance of the main PostgreSQL relational database of in a high demanding environment with a load between 40k to 60k transactions per sec.

We would share with you our projects, processes and tools, and all the components that we have developed with our partner, which makes possible deep analysis in several aspects from our database ecosystem.

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