Sphynx: PUBG's Data Platform Powered by Apache Spark on Kubernetes Архитектуры, масштабируемость

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Jihwan Chun
PUBG Corporation

Jihwan Chun is a software engineer at PUBG Corporation who is enthusiastic about cloud infrastructure, container and Kubernetes. He has recently contributed to building a global-scale game server infrastructure for the video game called [Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds]. These days his main interest is building a robust and scalable data platform for data-driven development in game industry

Gyutak Kim
PUBG Corporation

Gyutak Kim is a data engineer at PUBG Corporation. With the team, he has supported varieties of data analysts and data scientists by building and operating a robust data analytics platform.


Kubernetes has achieved one of the dominating platform for container-based infrastructure. Many platforms are starting to support Kubernetes as first-class and Apache Spark, analytics engine for large-scale data processing, is one of them. From Spark 2.3, Spark can run on clusters managed by Kubernetes. PUBG Corporation, serving an online video game for 10s of millions of users, decided to migrate its on-demand data analytics platform using Spark on Kubernetes. At this talk, Jihwan Chun and Gyutak Kim will describe the challenges and solutions building a brand-new data platform powered by Spark on Kubernetes.

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