D. Richard Hipp


Richard Hipp is the creator and lead maintainer of the SQLite database engine - the most widely used database engine in the world. Together with a small team of talented enthusiasts, Hipp spends most of his time improving, enhancing, and testing SQLite.

Hipp studied Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech in Atlanta GA in the early 1980s, then works for several years at Bell Labs, where he became acquited with C and Unix. He returned to graduate school and took a Ph.D. from Duke University with a thesis in computational linguistics in 1992. He then founded a small company (today known as "SQLite.org") writing bespoke software. Preceiving a need for a compact and easy-to-use embedded SQL database in 2000, Hipp created SQLite and released it as open-source software. To his surprise, SQLite was a big hit, and it was soon incorporated into a wide variety of commerical and open-source projects. Within five years, Hipp had mostly stopped writing bespoke software and instead labored full-time supporting and maintaining SQLite and SQLite-related projects for commercial companies around the world.

Hipp has been working out of his home in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, for the past 26 years. In addition to working on SQLite, Hipp also manages other open source projects, including the Fossil version-control system (https://fossil-scm.org), Pikchr (https://pikchr.org), Wapp (https://wapp.tcl.tk), Althttpd (https://sqlite.org/althttpd), and Lemon (https://sqlite.org/src/doc/trunk/doc/lemon.htm). Hipp has been happily married to Ginger Wyrick (a professor of music at UNC-Charlotte) for 27 years. He teaches the 5-year-old Sunday-school class at his local church. And he enjoys running.

D. Richard Hipp


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