Monitoring your services & why you should care

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I’ve also been teaching programming since 2015, leading lectures & seminars on various topics from the programming world to both aspiring programmers & experienced developers from Bulgaria, Serbia, Australia, Singapore, The Philippines & more. Topics range from Basics of Programming to Data structures, Algorithms, Web Development & even Blockchain.

In my free time, I’m maintaining todocheck - a tiny linter, written in Go which connects your TODOs to your tasks in your issue tracker.



Most of your time on a project is spent on making sure your service is ready to go live. But how do you know if your application works properly once actual humans start using it?

In this talk, I will show you how to detect & react to production issues before your clients do.

The talk will go through what monitoring a service means, why it’s useful & helpful & what are the popular & widespread tools available for getting the job done. We will also cover alerting on production issues & going on-call. Why that is important & how it could save your enterprise from losing a lot of $$$.

The focus would be on monitoring via metrics & leveraging the most popular & useful tool for the job - Grafana \w the aid of the time-series database Prometheus.