Leveraging Functional Programming when Go Generics come

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Doni Rubiagatra

Zero One Group

🇮🇩 Lead Product Engineer Zero One Group Tech Educator & Mentor Software Engineering & Mathematics




At dotGo 2015 there was a talk by Francesc Campoy called “Functional Go?”. He said, “If Go had generics, Go doesn’t have Generics thought”.

In this talk, We will revisit Functional Programming / Functional thinking and try to answer how we can maximize FP potential when generics come in Go.

In the talk “Functional Go?” Francesc Campoy explains that Functional Programming is doable in Golang but slower in performance and requires reflection magic. He also said, “If Go had generics, Go doesn’t have Generics thought”. So, It would be interesting if we revisit FP when generics come in Go. It’s better? It’s the performance still the problem? We are gonna explore that in this talk.

This talk will be exploring FP in Go in 3 parts.

How we can implement and get the benefit of Functional Thinking / Data-Oriented Programming in Go. We will explore how to separate the Go program into Action, Computation, and Data.
Look back once more on how FP was implemented in Go before generics, how it compares to other FP languages.
Let’s Try multiple concepts of FP in Go generics (Map, Filter, Reduce, Functor), it is easier than before? Let’s see
And finally, the takeaway, what are will do after this? Just implement Functional Thinking in Go? Creating a new library for Hardcore FP in Go? The sky is the limit!