Enjoy OOP with Golang

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Hiroki Inoue

Whiteplus, Inc

I’m a software engineer who is interested in growing service flexibly based on system with high maintainability.



I’ll present a way to improve the maintainability of the system with Go using OOP. Go does not have some of what other languages that support OOP have, but it can embody the idea of OOP. This fact gave me the opportunity, which I’d like to share with you, to abstract and re-understand OOP.

In this session, I’ll explain the idea and procedure for incorporating Object-Oriented ideas into code using Go by showing sample code.

The problem I’d like to solve
I’d like to challenge the problem of difficulty to maintain a system that has been in operation for a long time. We make use of OOP as a means of achieving this. I also would like to tackle the difficulty of applying OOP to our code effectively.

Go has no classes, no constructors, no inheritance, no implements keywords. However, we can write code in an Object-Oriented way. This experience gave me the opportunity to review and re-understand what is OOP.

As a software engineer, my desire is to develop a system that is easy to maintain, which enforces our service to be flexible and continue to grow. To do that, I focus on OOP and agile development. And I try to show you how to put them into practice with Go.