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Danil Zburivsky

Originally from Ukraine, Danil has been working with different RDBMS since his early years in university. He holds a Master's Degree in Applied Math at the Donetsk National University in Ukraine where he also worked as a database developer on an accounting system. Danil got his first taste for MySQL while working as a DBA for Sonopia Corp, where he participated in the database design and support for a social mobile network application. In his current role as Team Lead, he is helping people all over the world to solve problems with their MySQL systems for Pythian (www.pythian.com), a leading, global database and application infrastructure services company.


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Организационный комитет : Олег Бунин , +7 (916) 635-95-84
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Почтовый адрес: 119180, Москва, Бродников пер., д. 7 стр. 1, ООО «Онтико»

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