MariaDB: The New MySQL

Доклад принят в Программу конференции
Colin Charles (MariaDB)Colin Charles

In two years the MariaDB project has had four major releases with a tonne of major features. Why should you care about it? This is not a talk about the community around MariaDB, but a feature-by-feature blowout as to why you should consider this database which is current to MySQL 5.5.

With MariaDB 10.0, the project has decided to diverge even further from MySQL by rewriting features, cherrypicking features from MySQL 5.6, and more. Why did we do this? What does it mean to you?

More in-depth focus:

Expect such a session to be packed with useful features that MariaDB has, and you will soon learn why you might consider migrating to the drop-in replacement to MySQL. Yes, did we mention, its fully backward compatible?

Wonder what happens next? The work coming for improvements in replication are coming in MariaDB next. Watch this space for what will be focused on.