Using MySQL Performance Schema to debug performance issues

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Danil Zburivsky Danil Zburivsky

Debugging MySQL performance issue is not easy. MySQL still lacks some crucial metrics to analyse and detect performance bottlenecks.

Many DBAs have to rely on sparse information available from server and OS or sometimes just a wild guess. Decisions made as a result of such analysis are often wrong and result in further issues and frustration.

Performance Schema is a MySQL feature than allows users to look into great details of server internal state and potential performance bottlenecks. This feature has been around for almost 2 years already but it is still not very widely used. This presentation will show how one can use Performance Schema for real life analysis. It will cover cases where Performance Schema is a natural fit and also describe scenarios where it doesn't work. Presentation will also mention what improvements MySQL 5.6 has in regard to Performance Schema.

This presentation will be of interest to anyone who deals with MySQL performance: DBAs, application developers, system admins.