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8 и 9 ноября 2018

Unveiling Linux Kernel Load Balancing PerformanceАрхитектуры, масштабируемость

Доклад отозван
Laura Garcia Liebana

Laura García has a degree in Computer Science in Spain, entrepreneur and cofounder of the Open Source project ZEVENET. She has developed her professional career in big corporations like Hewlett-Packard or Schneider Electric as a Linux software engineer. She is a strong Open Source believer and she contribute actively as Linux kernel developer, specifically for the Netfilter subsystem.


nftlb is a new load balancer core that uses the nftables infrastructure (iptables successor) to build highly scalable services from the Linux kernel side improving the performance of current load balancers.

The aim of this talk is to explain why nftlb is needed, how it works and show some performance figures comparing to other solutions.

We will explain how the nftlb small footprint design allows to be easily integrated in commodity servers, virtual machines and containers.

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